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Video  —  Posted: 2013/06/11 in Posts

Video  —  Posted: 2013/06/11 in Posts

Maheshbabu Twitter account hacked

Though mahesh babu confirmed that his Twitter account is hacked and was posted with some unusual tweets, he corrected the same in a while by deleting those posts. While the corrected message was known to all, the wrong post has this. ‘Awards in the Best Actor Category, Businessman not nominated in the best actor category for maa tv awards…Strange …coz I consider it as one of my finest performances till date… May be it is becoz of the fact that I wasn’t going to be in d country for the next 2 months…ATTENDANCE is mandatory I guess.’

Although mahesh babu may not be disappointed to see his name missing in Best Actor Category of MAA TV but Fans are. They are also of an opinion that, the one who hacked Twitter account could have been only mahesh babu Fan. So, he posted the truth openly.

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Pawan Kalyan provides Storyline for his flick

After Jhonny, Pawan Kalyan has once again penned a script and this is happening for his much-awaited sequel ‘Gabbar Singh 2’.

It is heard that Pawan has narrated a storyline to Sampath Nandi four months ago and asked him to develop a bound script, so that they could begin the shoot immediately. As the script work has finally come to an end, ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ will go on floors in August this year.

Reports say, Pawan Kalyan and his close buddy Sarath Marar will jointly produce the film on Pawan Kalyan Creative Works banner. Why the power-actor choose Sampath Nandi for a project which is carrying huge expectations is still a mystery. Manisharma is expected to compose the music in place of Devi Sri Prasad. Plans were made to change the entire cast and crew to give a new tone to the film.

Let’s wait and watch if Pawan reminds Jhonny nightmares for fans or makes them happy with a successful flick in the end!

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not by sirish,it was by venkat.......

At last the mystery behind the Over the moon pub in Daspalla hotel was revealed. We came to know that the person conducted the scene was Allu Aravind eldest son Venkat. After enquiry found that on that day venkat went to pub with his wife. His friends said that in general Venkat is of emotional and distemper person. Because of the hurry created by pub people during DJ leads to quarrel.

But those people didn’t know who is he and at last confirmed that he is brother of hero. In fact mega camp tried on Monday a lot to calm down the situation. When Sireesh name came out they just condemned and kept the venkat out of scene. But their trails were not succeeded and case became imperative then his name came out.

This has a reason too. When police started enquiry after knowing that film people involved and all, main thing will be known. In addition Sireesh camera is at beginning only. Now if anything goes wrong it will be spoiled. Thinking all this for whole day finally agreed to out the venkat from the scene was out and accepted for FIR on him.

Out-and-out something was happened in pub is truth. In that Allu sons involvement was also truth. But whether it is Venkat or Sireesh is confusing part now. Venkat in films made by Some Section of Media was noticed. May be that’s why Mega camp accepted to put case on him. Within one day all truths will come out.

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Fans Upset With Balayya.....

One dialogue in ‘Simha’ which created a sensation some time ago was of balakrishna talking to SP (Chalapathi Rao) in Police Station. In fact, this one episode raised the complete tempo of film thus giving it a Super Duper Hit result. Such was the magic of Boyapati Srinu which is now set to repeat in coming days with new film of NBK began the shoot today.

Yes, it is the dialogue of ‘Bloody Fools…Burada Jaathi’ which was targeted at one section of a family in movie. Of course, critics and film pundits interpreted this into off screen life and the target is well known. As a continuation to their super hit, Boayapati and Abburi Ravi opened their pen caps for fresh powerful dialogue of ‘Kondaru Aashinchadaanike Pudataaru… Kondaru Shaasinchadaanike Pudataaru…’ which is the first line spelt by NBK on his first day shoot today.

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