Allu Sirish hits back at Media

Posted: 2013/06/09 in Posts

Allu Sirish hits back at Media

A section of media has reported that Allu Sirish misbehaved with a women at a pub in Jubilee Hills on Friday night. Without even verifying whether the news item is true or not, all the news channel telecasted the same reports. But the fact is it’s a false news and the Mega hero was unnecessarily dragged into the issue.

Allu Sirish made it clear he came to that pub with a group of his friends but left the place immediately as he felt its too crowdy and lashed out at media for targeting him. “Some drunk people have a brawl at a night club & some news channels drag my name just because I visited that place earlier. I have no clue who, what, why. I’m at home & suddenly have people calling me that my name’s on the news channels. The moment of the club & cops clarified that its a mistaken identity & I have nothing to do with it. Wish media acted more responsibly as somebody’s reputation is at stake. The accusations were made on the headlines & clarification only on the scrolling news bar. Sad!,” reacted the young actor.

This is an another incident to show how much the media craves for sensationalism and also reflects the high competition in the field. Celebs are always a soft target and these are the prices they have to pay for being popular.


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