Nmastey London Sequel

Posted: 2013/06/08 in Posts

Nmastey London  Sequel

The director, along with his two writers β€” Suresh Nair and Ritesh Shah — had been working on the sequel for two years. In a happy coincidence, it got ready on Vipul’s birthday, which is today, and Akshay decided to gift the film to the director on his special day.

Though a sequel, Namastey London 2 will not be a continuation of the original. It will be a new love triangle between two heroines and one hero. “We will have two girls with Akshay and it will be more intense,” says the filmmaker.

“The philosophy of the film and most of the locations will be the same. We will be shooting in London, Punjab and Mumbai. The new additions are Germany and Switzerland. The sequel will be done on a more opulent scale as we don’t want to lose our audience. It has been challenging for us to reinvent ourselves. Both Akshay and I are really excited about it,” he adds.


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