Nagababu Son Entry To Bollywood……

Posted: 2013/06/08 in Posts

Nagababu Son Entry To Bollywood......

Some Films Just Redefine The Kind Of Treatment We Are Giving To Characterizations Of Heroes Till Date, And Simply They Act As Turning Points. ‘Idiot’ Is A Film No Youngster Will Forget And There Happens To Be Some Buzz Around It Now.

The Big Talk Is That Director Puri Jagan Is On The Idea Of Remaking His Own Films In Bollywood. Obviously He Is Considering ‘Idiot’ As His First Weapon To Hit B-Town Again. Mega Brother Nagababu Is However Showing Massive Interest In Puri To Launch His Son Varun Tej As Hero. If That Is Going To Happen, Then The Big Focus Is On Story Only And They Say Nagababu Is Keen To Do Something In The Likes Of ‘Idiot’. If Puri Alters That Splendid Show Of Raviteja A Little, Then Varun Tej Will Get Into The Shoes To Show His ‘Idiot’ Skills. So, Is All This Going To Happen?

Though Our Director Narrated Stories To Mahesh, Prabhas And Allu Arjun, Maybe He Will First Direct Varun Tej And Then Get Back To His Good Old Heroes, Say Few Insiders.


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