Sruthi Hassan Learned From Brahmanandam…..

Posted: 2013/06/07 in Posts

Sruthi Hassan Learned From Brahmanandam.....

Next time when you see Shruti Haasan excelling in comic scenes, ascribe it to Tollywod’s ace comedian Brahmanandam. The leggy lasso reveals that she has learnt a lot about comic timing from Brahmanandam as the Shruti shares screen space with him in a few comic scenes in one of her upcoming films.

Shruti couldn’t stop raving about Brahmi and adds that the iconic actor taught her a lot about the nuances of the art. Also, Shruti got the opportunity savour the delicious Andhra food from Brahmi’s house.

Sruthi Said that “Learned so much abt comedy from bramha gaaru. And Thankyou so much to bramha gaaru for the most delicious andhra delicacies from his home so touched”.


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