IA Interval Copied

Posted: 2013/06/06 in Posts

IA Interval Copied

Apparently, the story lines of Puri Jagannath’s films have resemblance to Korean or Hollywood flicks. Now, our crazy filmmaker has gone a step ahead and free making the action sequences too. The interval fight in Iddarammayilatho shot under the supervision of fight master Kicha is rumored to be highly inspired from the Korean film ‘The Man From Nowhere’ which was released in 2010.

In fact, Iddarammayilatho interval block is one of the high points and also the saving grace of the movie. Makers have been using it extensively for the promotional campaign to draw more crowds to the theatres.

Neverthless, none can steal the credit from Allu Arjun who delivered stunning performance in the film, especially his expressions in the interval episode deserves a special mention.


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