How Dare Puri Said it on Pawan?

Posted: 2013/06/06 in Posts

How Dare Puri Said it on Pawan?

Tollywood is a HERO driven industry. Directors, Producers and others come in with secondary significance. When a well established hero like pawan kalyan is faring as top on Tollywood and being belonging to a popular celebrity family, generally directors never dare to take Panga with them. In fact, many directors revolve around Mega family waiting for the dates of either of the heroes in this camp.

Looks like Puri Jagannath is daring enough to criticize pawan kalyan though he is close to others in Mega family. As per the media reports, Puri directly criticized Power Star saying, ‘I am not in a happy space with pawan kalyan. I may never direct him again – I’m not on talking terms with him! In fact, I never wanted to work with him again after Badri. I don’t want to reveal anything more. I don’t want to upset Bunny (Allu Arjun), who I’m going to work with again.’

The first reaction heard from Power Star Fans is, how dare Puri said it on Pawan so openly?


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