DC Grudge On Pawan

Posted: 2013/06/06 in Posts

DC Grudge On Pawan

It depends upon the discretion of any media agency to print or not to print on the stuff brought by their journalists. When Puri Jagannath is heard to have requested the journalist not to disclose any of those matters which he spoke in personal about pawan kalyan, but they have deliberately printed the same in newspaper but in a different edition. While Puri was relaxed not to see his statements in Hyderabad edition, the same was shocked in Vizag edition a day after.

It was too late by then when Vaishno Media responded with a press note calling the news baseless but by then the damage was done to Puri’s career. Power Star Fans opine that, DC newspaper has developed some sort of grudge on Pawan when their photographer was manhandled during the engagement ceremony of Chiru’s elder daughter and later the same was sensed in Paritala issue. When the chance has come, they used Puri and took revenge on Pawan. Well, the final sufferer will be only and only Puri.


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