Hrithik & Katrina At Bangkok…

Posted: 2013/06/02 in Posts

Hrithik & Katrina At Bangkok...

While shooting for Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang in Bangkok recently, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were in for a rude shock.

The boat they were travelling back from their action shoot was suddenly hit by a storm in the middle of the ocean.

A four-and-half-feet wave hit the boat, which started moving from side to side throwing everyone off gear. The director of photography, Vikas, started giving instructions on how to survive on sea and telling everyone that is was possible to survive two days in sea easily even if the boat overturned.

It was the kind of boat that has a top deck and a cabin below, in which Katrina, Hrithik were sitting along with the other members of the cast and crew.

One of the cast was overheard saying, “If the boat drowns and the cabin gets locked,we may get stuck. So let us move to the top deck so we can at least jump into the water.”


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