Mega Junior Varun Teja’s Gollabhama

Posted: 2013/05/23 in Posts

Mega Junior Varun Teja's Gollabhama

Mega Junior varun tej’s debut into films with ‘Gollabhama’ in the direction of Srikant Addala was almost confirmed news sometime ago. Unfortunately, Mega Brother Naga Babu who do not want to waste any more time waiting for the locking of script has approached Puri Jagannath for an immediate remedy, says a grapevine. By all probability, the ace director may take on this responsibility of introducing varun tej exactly like what he has done with Ramcharan’s ‘Chirutha’ few years ago.

Meanwhile, we also hear that Naga Babu do not want to shelve ‘Gollabhama’ once for all because he liked the storyline but script may take some more time which is inevitable. If this is the case, Varun’s second project could be ‘Gollabhama’ while the debut chance is for Puri. Let us wait for few more days to get right updates.


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