The Perfectionist Vikram

Posted: 2013/05/20 in Posts

The Perfectionist Vikram

The versatile Hero Vikram will be appearing as bodybuilder for few portions in the film ‘I’. Known to be a perfectionist, Vikram is getting trained since few months to attain a muscled body. National Bodybuilding Champion from Tamilnadu ‘M Kamaraj’ is playing the villain in this big ticket flick and former Mr India M Arasu will be acting as a judge for the competition that comes at a crucial juncture.Vikram is losing and gaining weight quite often in the the past few months. This is to get into the skin of the dual characters he plays.

‘I’ flick with a budget of Rs 100 crores and it is a try-lingual (Telugu, Tamil and Hindi). Amy Jackson plays the female lead and AR Rahman composes the music. Vikram is a huge star in Tamilnadu and Shankar is a big brand down South, so recovering the huge investment willnot be a problem.


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