Sri Thyagaraju

Posted: 2013/05/18 in Posts

Sri Thyagaraju

Tyagayya was one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music or classical South Indian Music.
Chittoori V.Nagayya acted, produced and directed a movie ‘Tyagayya’ in the year,1946 based on his biography.
In the year 1981, the great director Bapu directed another movie named ‘Tyagayya’.

And now, RV Ramana Murthy is all set to direct and produce the movie ‘sri thyagaraju’ on Sri Lalithasri Combines.
J.Eeswara Prasad will be seen as Tyagaraju. The songs recording of the movie was done on the evening of 16th May. Padmabhushan Dr.Nookala Chnasatyannarayana offered puja to the idols of lord Srirama and Seetha Devi.
The movie will be completed by this December and the makers are planning to release the movie in the month of January, 2014.


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