Birthday Baby Charmi

Posted: 2013/05/17 in Posts

Birthday Baby Charmi

Entered into Tollywood with the movie of ‘Nee Thodu Kavali’ of director Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao in 2002, today charmi Kaur is one of the top glamorous actresses trying out versatile characters. Yesterday, she celebrated 25th birthday with the team of ‘Prema Oka Maikam’ at Radio Mirchi Office. As of now, the hot lady is busy focusing on fitness maintaining a strict diet.

In last few years, charmi has definitely put up some weight and her skin show in recent item songs prove this true. Now, she is in the process of losing all this. ‘I already lost five kilos and I am focusing all my time on fitness,’ charmi says. Of course, with lot of free time to spend, she can dedicate to either listening of new scripts or re-shaping the body. Most importantly, she played a call girl in ‘Prema Oka Maikam’ which will release soon.


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