‘Baahubali’ has Huge Expectations

Posted: 2013/05/17 in Posts

'Baahubali' has Huge Expectations

Rajamouli is an established brand in Indian film market. All the way from ‘Student No 1’ till ‘Eega,’ he has been a revelation throughout creating new records giving birth to new stardom for young heroes in market. It is not an exaggeration that Prabhas, Junior NTR, Ramcharan, Nithin, Sunil and others have raised high in their market value only after doing projects with rajamouli.

Till yesterday, rajamouli was known only to Indian market but today ‘Eega’ has taken his name and fame cross the oceans. With this film being screened at many International film festivals, globally renowned film makers are tracking the information and progress on Jakkanna’s future project which happens to be ‘Baahubali.’ The craze and fame of ‘Eega’ and rajamouli will be automatically transferred to ‘Baahubali’ thus giving it a huge build up.


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